Sunday, November 10, 2013

Georgia Woman and Cheeseburger Shoe

Rachel Gossett

(Loganville, Georgia) People do strange things when inebriated. Reportedly, 25-year-old Rachel Gossett was drunk when police caught her having sex in the Waffle House parking lot with a 27-year-old man named Frank Lucas.

Gossett faces counts of loitering and public drunkenness.
When officers approached the couple at around 1.30am last Sunday, they asked them to get dressed and produce their driving licenses.

Lucas put his pants back on, but Gossett is said to have sat in the passenger seat apparently ignoring their instructions.

Police said they told her numerous times to get dressed, but with no success.

And when she eventually did attempt to put some clothes on, she tried to put a cheeseburger on her foot as if it were a sandal.[Emphasis added].
Details on booking are unavailable.

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