Monday, November 25, 2013

Taliban Kidnaps Health Workers

Health Worker Vaccinates Child

(Peshawar, Pakistan)
Militants in northwestern Pakistan have kidnapped 11 teachers involved in a polio vaccination campaign.

Local official Khyali Gul said on November 23 that the teachers were taken from the private Hira Public School in the Bara area of the Khyber tribal agency close to Pakistan's northwestern border with Afghanistan.

He said the gunmen kidnapped the teachers immediately after they had administered polio vaccines.
Reportedly, the Taliban braintrusts believe health workers are spies.

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Doom said...

Teachers, health workers, social workers, take your pick, they are trouble.

I remember reading about Canadian natives who said that when the government sent soldiers, and war broke out... it was just war. But when they started sending the above types, to coerce and destroy their culture, killing those was seen as akin to murder in spite of those being worse for their people.

There is a reason such people aren't trusted, by any native peoples, and shouldn't be. They are from the government, and one way or another, they are their to "help them". Not. And, even if they aren't spies, they often give sitreps, through their reports, knowingly or not, to the military/intelligence agencies.

Personally, as bad as a foreign military or intelligence service is to some peoples, generally they try to surgically only cut off the head of the snake. These orgs corrupt every part of the snake. I guess if you believe that all snakes should be prototypical, tame, and non-poisonous (subdued), and all people should be forced to be civil and modern (despite that they can't be), and... what... Americanized, Westernized... socialized? Then you have a point. I simply disagree, even if that means agreeing with the termination of some people... those who push radical civilization.

You can't make people civil. Native Americans are still savage, and left to their druthers, would still be raiding. So... what is the answer when two societies collide? Take your pick, only one has ever seemed to work, long term, whether implemented over days or centuries. And, I suppose, it depends on your roots, unless, like me, those are based in both cultures. I see the problems and no real solution. Genocide or suffering, or leave them the heck alone and let them find their own way to it.


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