Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Gender Equality in Tunisia

Tunisia’s constitutional assembly voted on Monday to enshrine equality between men and women in its draft constitution, safeguarding the country’s status as having the Arab world’s most progressive laws on women’s right.

The text enshrining gender equality was approved by 159 lawmakers out of the 169 who voted. Women's rights activists in Tunisia hailed the provisional approval of article 20, which states that "all male and female citizens have the same rights and duties. They are equal before the law without discrimination".
Notably, gender equality will not change the privileged status of men with respect to inheritance.

Also note that it is an ambitious task to dictate changes to the prevailing Arab and Muslim culture. I predict an enduring struggle.

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Doom said...

I expect a couple of deaths, an islamic proclamation, and another vote. This will be the shortest feminist revolution in history. Actually, that would be the wiser of solutions. A few dead politicians compared to a whole bunch of dead babies... Yeah, I can live with that.


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