Thursday, January 23, 2014

New S&W .460-Caliber Backpack Cannon

(Las Vegas, Nevada)
Smith & Wesson on Monday touted its new .460-caliber revolver as an ideal firearm for your backpack in the backcountry.

Officials with the Springfield, Mass.-based company let selected members of the media fire the Performance Center Model .460 at a range in Boulder City, Nev., as part of the opening day of the annual SHOT Show.

A video at the link shows the Performance Center Model .460 being fired on the range. It impresses.

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Doom said...

I'm not sure exactly how new that gun really is. Perhaps in that caliber as a snubby? I don't know if they still make it, but they used to have a snubby in .500, sold for bear country backpackers and fishermen. And, if I had to choose between the two, would take the .500.

That round, the .460, with a longer barrel, is an excellent hunting platform for big game. In the longer barrel, it truly far outperforms the .500, at range, just anomalies regarding the calibers.

How much it would rip you up, firing it, I don't know. And, like they said, you can load down with the .444, the .45 long colt, and maybe another caliber, 454? Of course, all of that ammunition is rather rarefied and very expensive, even to hand-load.

Call me a bit of a fan-boy in this area. Of course, the gun itself will set you back a whole lot of change, all by itself. And... I'm not absolutely certain... well... I will just say I have other guns that will definitely fit my needs before I ever get around to... such an item. Want? Of course! But if you are rich? Go for it. Still recommend the .500, both in snubbies, as the range and accuracy in a snubby platform would be equivalent, and the potential little more firing difficulty puts out a lot more lead. Unless you already have a long-barreled .460, thus the ammo and reloading gear, I suppose.

Me? In bear country I would have a shorter barreled shotgun and slugs. That beats anything else, even rifles, best I can tell. Lighten up the gear on it, if I can afford even that, and even then... pray I don't surprise a bear, get between a momma and cub, or between any bear and food.


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