Thursday, January 16, 2014

Oregon Pimp Sues Shoe Company for Lack of Warning

Sirgiorgiro Clardy

(Portland, Oregon)
A 26-year-old Portland pimp has filed a $100 million lawsuit against Nike, claiming the shoe manufacturer is partially responsible for a brutal beating that helped net him a 100-year prison sentence.

Sirgiorgiro Clardy claims Nike should have placed a label in his Jordan shoes warning consumers that they could be used as a dangerous weapon. He was wearing a pair when he repeatedly stomped the face of a john who was trying to leave a Portland hotel without paying Clardy's prostitute in June 2012.

Jurors early in 2013 found him guilty of second-degree assault for using his Jordans -- a dangerous weapon -- to beat the john's face to a pulp. The man required stitches and plastic surgery on his nose.

The jury also found him guilty of robbing the john and beating the 18-year-old woman he forced to work as his prostitute. She was injured so badly that she bled from her ears.
So, in addition to a $100 million judgment, Clardy wants Nike and Jordan shoes to carry a warning indicating that the "shoes could be used as a weapon to cause serious injury or death."

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Wireless.Phil said...

That is the mentality of these idiots, what do you expect?


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