Thursday, February 13, 2014

Arizona Teacher Accused of Sex with Son, 13

(Tucson, Arizona) A 47-year-old special education teacher at Lineweaver Elementary School, Christine Mazzarella, has been accused of engaging in sex with her 13-year-old son multiple times in July 2013.

Mazzarella faces four counts of sexual conduct with a minor.
Sgt. Chris Widmer with the Tucson Police Department said there was no evidence to suggest she was involved in any sexual misconduct at the elementary school, but a parent who has three kids at the school said this in terrible: That's incest. That's not right for someone like that to be working at a school. What other kinds of things could they do?"

Tucson News Now went to night court to get video of Mazzarella but a judge denied our request.
Mazzarella was booked into custody at the Pima County Jail with bail set at $10,000.

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slwlion1 said...

Porn stars,drunks,druggies,embezzlers,homosexuals and now incestuous moms.. When will people learn that school teachers are just a microcosm of the nation .It's the new norm folks..No story here, move along..


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