Monday, February 10, 2014

George Soros Gets Socked by Former Mistress

Adriana Ferreyr

(New York City) Billionaire George Soros got smacked in the kisser by his former mistress, 30-year-old Brazilian-American soap opera actress, Adriana Ferreyr, during a court appearance last Friday.
According to court papers filed by Soros's attorney Martin Singer, the 83-year-old left-wing billionaire was struck in the head by Ferreyr, knocking off the earphones he was wearing to aid his hearing of the proceedings.

As Ferreyr pulled back her arm to take a second jab at Soros, Singer grabbed her. She then struck the lawyer knocking off his eyeglasses.

The parties were in New York State Supreme Court for a hearing involving a 2011 law suit filed by Ferreyr against Soros alleging that he reneged on a promise to give a luxury apartment valued at $1.9 million on Manhattan's Upper East Side, according to the Post.
Not your everyday domestic dispute, eh?

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