Friday, February 28, 2014

Mexicans Produce Arms in California

(Sacramento, California) The Feds have raided a gun shop producing illegal assault weapons.

From Reuters:
Two Mexican nationals were indicted on Thursday on charges of running an outlaw weapons-supply shop in northern California that assembled and sold unmarked, illegal firearms and accessories, including machine-guns and silencers.

A federal grand jury in Sacramento indicted brothers Luis Cortez-Garcia, 44, and Emiliano Cortez-Garcia, 37, on one count each of unlawful manufacturing and sales of firearms, conspiracy to unlawfully manufacture and sell firearms and multiple counts related to making and selling illegal assault rifles, U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner said in a statement.

"The conduct alleged in this case involves the systematic evasion of federal firearms laws, for profit, in a manner that created a real threat to public safety," Wagner said.

Additionally, both brothers were charged with being illegal immigrants in possession of firearms.
Frankly, this report is disturbing.


Doom said...

Finally, some illegal (or not, as if it matters on a social, political, or economic scale at this point) aliens doing a job Americans really do seem to not want to do, and a job I approve.

Wireless.Phil said...

I thought an article about this was posted on Gun Watch, some time last year and it was said to be legal?


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