Thursday, February 20, 2014

Oregon Teens Carve Swastika on Classmate's Head

Jenna Montgomery, Blue Kalmbach and Jess Taylor

(Portland, Oregon)
A group of Portland teenagers is being charged as adults in the case of a 16-year-old David Douglas High School student who was lured into a shed and had a swastika carved into his forehead with a box cutter.

Investigators said the kidnapping and torture happened on Southeast 111th Avenue during the snowstorm earlier this month.

Jess Taylor, 17, Jenna Montgomery and Blue Kalbach, both 15, lured the boy into a shed behind a house, according to police, and attacked him with a crowbar while also shooting him with a BB gun at close range in the chest, hand and groin. They then carved the swastika into his head by using a box cutter, police said.

The victim finally escaped and ran to a nearby auto shop for help, where employee Julio Montoya said he couldn't believe the teen's injuries.
America's youth, aren't you proud?


Bastiat Fan said...

Is it wrong that I'd like to club these little thugs? TO DEATH?

Doom said...

Bastian Fan,

Actually, it is wrong. You are a perfect example of what has been behind the secularization of children to where they would do this. So, yeah, it's wrong.


Join the club you have made. Your colors are showing.

As to what these kids did, is there any wonder when God is kept out of school and only the state is allowed in, and all the way? They are doing EXACTLY what they have been taught. I don't see a problem, in the sense that this is what they are educated to do. That most are too cowardly to live up to their education is a thing of luck that has to change.

Yeah, I do see the big picture problem. But there are no solutions that will work fast enough to prevent this sort of thing from going from a minor bad act to... the way it is.

And, by the way, why are they being charged with hate crimes while negros are not, when they attack whites and Jews? This will just enforce the notion that the system is bankrupt and not only can be, and should be, but has to be ignored in order for survival.

So, piss off B.F. Reap what you sow.

slwlion1 said...

Doom; Why all the anger..Does someone need a time out ??

Doom said...

Anger? Are you nuts?

If I need a time out I will take one, trust me. But thanks for the concern. Now, if you think I should take one, you know what to do.

slwlion1 said...

Doom; you're the best.

locomotivebreath1901 said...

That's inconceivable! The People's Republic of Oregon is a worker's paradise and haven for the oppressed.


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