Saturday, February 15, 2014

Unionization Rejected

(Chattanooga, Tennessee)
Just 87 votes at the Volkswagen plant in Tennessee separated the United Auto Workers union from what would have been its first successful organization of workers at a foreign automaker in the South.

Instead of celebrating a potential watershed moment for labor politics in the region, UAW supporters were left crestfallen by the 712-626 vote against union representation in the election that ended Friday night.

The result stunned many labor experts who expected a UAW win because Volkswagen tacitly endorsed the union and even allowed organizers into the Chattanooga factory to make sales pitches.
The employees have spoken.


slwlion1 said...

About time the folks learned..The UAW destroyed the American auto industry up North and now they wish to destroy it with the help of stupid VW ,anagement

Greddy said...

Stupid VW management? The company hails from a heavily unionized nation second in exports only to a country that relies almost completely on slave labor and technology stolen from everyone else.

German unions work. The problem in this country is that thanks to the public education system, no one knows how to use anything other than binary thinking.

Wireless.Phil said...

The unions did not bust the auto industry!
The Car companies did it themselves when the banks were dam near giving money away and the car companies went on a buying spree. So did the tech industry, buying spree, building new plants, etc. Then the tech crisis hit followed by the housing crisis.

And then all hell broke loose, car companies needed bailouts, tech companies where bankrupt or bought out, thousands of jobs lost.

And no, the tech industry does not have unions!

If they do, its at a few small shops.

Wireless.Phil said...

Instead of the UAW:

Volkswagen Works Council Set To Seek Labor Representation At Tenn. Plant

German VW labour representatives to travel to U.S. in next two weeks


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