Saturday, March 15, 2014

Are conservatives more emotional?

That good ol' projection again.  As a pretty good general rule, if you want to know what is true of liberals, just look at what they say about conservatives.  Seeing your own faults in others is not only good  psychological defence but it's a pretty good political tactic too.  If one side of politics is (say) full of hate, constant accusations from that side accusing others of hate may well cause uncommitted voters to say, "A plague on both their houses" and believe that both sides are equally haters.  So the constant accusations from liberals that conservatives are guilty of hate speech and racism makes good tactics.

And if there is one thing we know about liberals it is that they are always on the boil.  They are always outraged about something and are constantly protesting.  They are clearly the more emotional side of politics.  You just have to note the utter rage that pours out from Leftists in the comments they leave on conservative sites and on Twitter in replying to conservative tweets.  And their use of foul language is also hugely disproportionate.  And, as has often been said, bad language is the attempt of a weak mind to express itself forcefully.

So the piece of research below is very predictable.  On the basis of the flimsiest evidence, they assert that it is conservatives who are more emotional.

Their evidence is that in portraits of themselves most people show the left side of the face but there is a slight tendency for conservatives to show that side more often.

I could go on but such hugely silly "evidence" just doesn't seem to warrant any further bother.  Leftists will clutch at anything to discredit conservatives.

Right-Wing Politicians Prefer the Emotional Left

Nicole A. Thomas et al


Physiological research suggests that social attitudes, such as political beliefs, may be partly hard-wired in the brain. Conservatives have heightened sensitivity for detecting emotional faces and use emotion more effectively when campaigning. As the left face displays emotion more prominently, we examined 1538 official photographs of conservative and liberal politicians from Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States for an asymmetry in posing.

Across nations, conservatives were more likely than liberals to display the left cheek. In contrast, liberals were more likely to face forward than were conservatives. Emotion is important in political campaigning and as portraits influence voting decisions, conservative politicians may intuitively display the left face to convey emotion to voters.


A good summary of the boiling hate continually emanating from the Left is here

Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).


Doom said...

Actually, I think the deal actually is... conservatives are more in touch with emotions. While the left hates hate, or whatever that really means in truth anyway, for example, they don't realize that hate is hate, regardless of how it is aimed.

I see hate as a natural first response to general wrongs, not a bad thing at all. Much like pain lets us know something is wrong. They stop at the pain sensation, unable or unwilling to do anything substantive about it. For the higher ups, it's their business model. For the useful idiots, it's an allowance. Actually, with islams poster rage boy, I can now see why they support islam.


Yeah, I see that. They aren't very good at this game and haven't had a strategy meeting in a long time on this issue. Then again, it has worked well for them.

slwlion1 said...

Sigh: I certainly am.


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