Sunday, March 23, 2014

Check your carnist ideology

Did you realize that you may be a carnist?  It sounds rather like a medieval theological stance but it is not.  It simply means that you eat meat.  All sorts of weirdos wash up on the shore of Psychology and strict vegetarians are among them.  So the research below is designed to find something wrong with "carnists'.

And it succeeded.  It found that carnists tend to be conservative!  And there is nothing worse that that to a Leftist.  And most psychologists are Leftists.  So from now on lots of Leftists will be sadly eyeing platters of bacon and eggs as they tuck in to their tofu burgers.

The research is actually rubbish.  One of their measures of conservatism (the RWA scale) does not correlate with voting for conservative candidates and the other is largely a measure of racism.  See here and here.  So the conclusions may be correct but the data is insufficient to show it.


Why do right-wing adherents engage in more animal exploitation and meat consumption?

Kristof Dhonta &  Gordon Hodson


Despite the well-documented implications of right-wing ideological dispositions for human intergroup relations, surprisingly little is understood about the implications for human–animal relations. We investigate why right-wing ideologies – social dominance orientation (SDO) and right-wing authoritarianism (RWA) – positively predict attitudes toward animal exploitation and meat consumption. Two survey studies conducted in heterogeneous community samples (Study 1, N = 260; Study 2, N = 489) demonstrated that right-wing ideologies predict greater acceptance of animal exploitation and more meat consumption through two explaining mechanisms: (a) perceived threat from non-exploitive ideologies to the dominant carnist ideology (for both SDO and RWA) and (b) belief in human superiority over animals (for SDO). These findings hold after controlling for hedonistic pleasure from eating meat. Right-wing adherents do not simply consume more animals because they enjoy the taste of meat, but because doing so supports dominance ideologies and resistance to cultural change. Psychological parallels between human intergroup relations and human–animal relations are considered.



slwlion1 said...

If only Liberals tasted like Beef the world would be a better place.. Yum, yum..

Doom said...

Glad I'm not the only one to be... thinking with the stomach, slwlion1.

My thing was... if you are a minority, weakened by your minority status, a self-selecting one to boot, and made less aggressive by the choice as well... Should you really be identifying yourself?

Sure, long pig is not on the menu. But if what I think has to happen does happen, soon or a bit later long pig, even in America, will become at least a regional... delicacy (think cities until populations are... stabalized to the means of food production versus populations minus massive transportation capacity).

Yeah, I wouldn't be bragging about having a, potentially, slightly different taste and more delicate meat, right before a cataclysm. Then again, they probably don't believe in any such thing. I'm just not sure how it is being prevented to this point.

slwlion1 said...

"long pig" I haven't heard that term in years and


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