Tuesday, March 18, 2014


(Simferopol, Crimea)
With one exit poll showing that 93 percent of Crimeans voted to join Russia, and street celebrations under way, the peninsula's pro-Kremlin prime minister and a Russian nationalist politician pledged quick integration.

The bravado and declarations of speedy Russian annexation of Ukrainian territory came after a deeply flawed vote held under the intimidating presence of at least 21,000 Russian soldiers, who invaded in late February.
Deeply flawed is an understatement.

Regarding the voting, a photo has surfaced on Twitter which alleges to depict stacks of fresh annexation ballots being distributed prior to the official vote. The ballots appear to be pre-marked.

Heh. The place is a mess.


JR said...

Twitter is not exactly a reliable news source

slwlion1 said...

Korpi ABtomobini !!! This from my wife who is Ukrainian..


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