Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Does a low IQ make you right-wing? That depends on how you define left and right

Michael Hanlon makes some interesting points in the article excerpted below but overlooks the obvious:  People with high IQs are very much advantaged in the educational system and tend to stay in that system longer.  And particularly in the later years of education, the Leftist propaganda gets all but overwhelming.  So all that the research really shows is that an exposure to overwhelming Leftist propaganda does influence some people's thinking.  They adopt Leftist attitudes where they otherwise might not

So right-wingers are stupid – it’s official. Psychologists in Canada have compared IQ scores of several thousand British children, who were born in 1958 and 1970, with their stated views as adults on things such as treatment of criminals and openness to working with or living near to people of other races. They also looked at some US data which compared IQ scores with homophobic attitudes.

The conclusion: your intelligence as a child correlates strongly with socially liberal views. People with low IQs tend to be more in favour of harsh punishments, more homophobic and more likely to be racist.

Note:  I have a more extensive comment on the research concerned here


Doom said...

Something else wrong with such a study, by specific people, is not covered in your rebuttal. Oh, but I understand. Your rebuttal is written mildly, so as to have a chance at even being read by the type of people who would author such a study.

The notion that is ignored is the idea of what the left considers to be the right. Being egotistical, they think of the world in their image... The right, according to them, is NAZI. The problem with that is that the NAZIs were socialists, which means they are liberal, in the modern parlance.

Basically, this author, was suggesting that only liberals exist. Suggesting only liberals, of one variety or other, are both stupid or bright. The less bright ones, essentially, are the more fundamentalist of their order. Which is foolish, if they actually believe themselves, because if there is such a thing as a non-fundamentalist liberal, they have never been the ones to take and hold power. A dubious historical precedence exists to support that there is anything but fundamentalist liberals. The author is trying to write out even the existence of the rest of us, actual conservatives.

Given that he lives in a world were we are not even allowed to exist, save the most questionable among us, academia that is, allows this to make some sense. Academia only accepts extremely flawed conservatives, those most like them actually, and flawed both from the conservative perspective and from the liberal perspective, for differing reasons.

The author is, in essence, arguing among and with his own. When you write a fiction mixed with fact, you can't honestly get any results that mean anything, except to those who live the fiction. This is why academia is pretty much at an end.

Well, that at the economic collapse. One more reason to appreciate one fiction killing another. Liberals have, in essence, run out of money (long ago) and are finally hitting the cap to debt... World-wide it is at $100t debt, in US dollars I believe. Toast. Yum!

slwlion1 said...

Geez, they certainly have me pegged.. I dislike black,homosexuals and people with low IQ's.hehe


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