Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Greenpeace Protests Procter & Gamble


(Cincinnati, Ohio)
Nine people are in jail on charges of trespass and burglary for rappelling down the twin towers at P&G Tuesday afternoon as part of a protest.

The group Greenpeace says it's trying to make a point that P&G is destroying the rainforest with how it obtains palm oil for some of it's products.

The rappelling of the 17 story twin towers made for quite the photo opportunity for people walking past the building. The effort was so coordinated Greenpeace had a helicopter flying over to take video to put on social media.

However, the big confusion is still how there could be this kind of security breach at P&G. It even allowed for a woman dressed in a tiger costume to hang from wires between the towers. Police think the nine people in street clothes walked in the front door carrying a lot of stuff.[…]

Greenpeace said the group came to expose the company's use of palm oil linked to forest destruction in products like "Head and Shoulders".

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