Sunday, March 30, 2014

Most Costly Watch

(Basel, Switzerland) It's called a sculptural masterpiece.
British jeweller Graff has unveiled what it described as the "most valuable watch ever created" — a timepiece replete with more than 110 carats of diamonds costing $55 million.

Unveiled on Thursday at the watch industry's biggest annual tradeshow, BaselWorld, the glittering wristwatch, called "Hallucination", is set with a multitude of rare coloured diamonds.
Frankly, this report demonstrates my ignorance regarding the value of a watch. I think the timepiece is ugly and I wouldn't fork over more than 50 bucks for it.


Doom said...

Considering that diamonds aren't actually rare, just stored to keep the flow to minimum, this thing is really not worth $55m. That is what some fools would pay for it, at the tinkered market price of diamonds, perhaps, as priced by jewelers, no less, but...

As with much in the world, your natural eyes do not deceive.

daniel conway said...

Just what the world needs!

slwlion1 said...

Yeah but can it take a lickin and keep on tickin ??


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