Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Outrage as Belgian Paper Mocks American President

Belgian newspaper De Morgen has published pictures of US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama depicted as apes, days ahead of Obama's expected visit to the country this coming week.

The mainstream paper, which was founded in 1978, published a section in its Saturday edition entitled 'The Obama Herald'.
The section was a satirical look at what translates roughly as 'the news even before it happened, unless it's already happened, of course'.

It features potential future tweets from the US President, as well as an 'interview' with Sasha Obama claiming that she "hates Beyonce" and "that ugly man of hers too".

But one section in particular may cause controversy for the paper: a picture of Barack and Michelle Obama with monkey faces. The picture was published under the 'Opinion' section of the paper under the guise of being sent in by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Users of the social networking site Reddit gave mixed responses when presented with the image, with some lauding the press freedom in Belgium, and others rightly noting the cartoon's vulgar and racist overtones.


OK to call GWB a chimp, though.

Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).


slwlion1 said...

The disgrace and disrespect this man has brought to the American Presidency is appalling..It is the direct result of pandering to the left-wing liberals and psuedo intellectuals..I fear it is too late to turn this country around and I pray that I am wrong..Women want security and think the democrats provide it,, wrong.Intellects think diversity is wonderful,, wrong..Man I am starting to rant like my friend "Doom" hehe

Doom said...

*grins* I have a way of... growing on people. Which was part of my job description, mind you. Nice rant, though you are still a neophyte. As I like to say... you have the rest of your life to learn.

On the good side, Obama really IS creating an environment where race is now being very closely examined, something albeit that liberals have tried to avoid. Nothing like a poster child*, up front and center, in the limelight, to showcase the problems.

*child is used loosely here, according to some Yum!


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