Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Student Faces Food Salting Charge

(York, South Carolina)
A York high school student was arrested after cursing and threatening a teacher who tried to stop him from putting salt on his lunch, citing a federal regulation.

The incident happened March 12 at York One Academy, the district’s alternative school.

A York police report states the 19-year-old student tried to sprinkle salt on his lunch but was stopped by a teacher who told him that was against federal guidelines. The student became angry and cursed the teacher and made threats towards her, according to the report.
The student was arrested by a school resource officer.


slwlion1 said...

Hello England and Moscow .Your Socialist crap is alive and well in Amerika !!

Wireless.Phil said...

He is a man at 19 year old and if he wants salt he shall have salt!
What the hell business is it of the teacher or his school!

Doom said...

19? Depends. Is this a third-grader or a senior. Third-graders do what they are told.


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