Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Texas Doctor Skates on Criminal Trespass & Harassment

(Houston, Texas) Last December, local doctor Angela Siler-Fisher was charged with criminal trespass and harassment after breaking into the home of a romantic rival.
According to documents, Siler-Fisher broke into a home there by kicking in a doggy door. Once inside, she allegedly used lipstick to write ‘whore’ and ‘homewrecker’ on the woman’s mirror.

Siler-Fisher’s husband, Brandon Fisher, called the other woman to let her know that his wife was on the way, according to sources.

The woman reportedly left the home with her kids before Siler-Fisher got there.

Law enforcement sources told KHOU Siler-Fisher also left a trail of unused condoms up the woman’s staircase.
Siler-Fisher bonded out of jail after her arrest.

This week, Dr. Angela Siler-Fisher accepted a plea deal.
Under the pretrial diversion program, an alternative to prosecution, the case will be dismissed if Siler-Fisher stays out of trouble for a year.
Seems awful lenient, eh?


The Big Jub Jub said...

What was that about hell and a woman scorned?

Doom said...

Come on. She is a woman AND a doctor. You would think one of those reasons for exception would cancel out the other, for obvious reasons, but instead they used it to double down leniency. Nothing like having the door held open for you while are given a quota on the way through, leaving the doorholder out in the cold.

Oh, but she knows damn straight that she is equal, if she will use, or hide behind, her own skirts in the court of law, public opinion, or any other way that is advantageous to her. Equal means... well, some pigs are even more equal, innit?

slwlion1 said...

Well she did leave condoms. At least she believes in safe sex..

Doom said...

Safe sex is like gun control. It's about aiming it correctly, not preventing any intended consequences. Safe sex, actually, is the biological version of gun control. If you believe one side of either, you probably, and foolishly if on the wrong side, believe both.

Keep it on target and then don't worry about the natural course of events. Yum!


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