Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Alabama Woman Jailed for Violating Sex Offender Restrictions

(Decatur, Alabama) A 26-year-old local woman who is a convicted rapist, Elizabeth Danielle Hurst, has been arrested for living too close to a school.

Hurst is accused of violating the Sex Offender Notification Act.
Hurst, 26, was supposed to be living at 1220 Brookline Ave., SW, Apt. 1, an approved residence under the law. However, Investigator Justin Lyon found her living at 1107 Betty St. SW.

She was charged with two felonies for failing to notify officers she'd moved and for living at a prohibited address, which was near a school, according to Capt. Vincent Baer.
Hurst was booked into custody at the Morgan County Jail with bond set at $5,000.


Wireless.Phil said...

These freaks always register the wrong address with the police and sheriff departments.

Here, the normally list Catholic Charities on 8th that has no beds at all, and only serve lunch during the week and one night meal in the middle of the week. After that they are closed.

The law knows this, but does nothing about it.

"I pointed out to you the stars,and all you seen was my finger." said...

"Let he without sin cast the first stone." :'( For the ignorant its easy to label and hate (and spread said hate),but true enlightenment comes from the wisdom of understanding.
I agree with your general sentiments, BUT there are exceptions. Law enforcement also doesn't present ALL of the facts either. Most ppl don't know this but sex offender status includes an aray of circumstances, not just rapists and/or pedophiles. For instance,in this case: The father of the victim took advantage of a struggling single (homeless) mother by offering to pay her to date (under the impression he was of legal age) his son. While urging his son to sleep with Hurst,he neglected to instill the practice of protected sex and Hurst got pregnant. "Knowing" that his under aged son was having sex with an adult "under his own roof", he contacted authorities after learning of her being pregnant and had Hurst arrested. I hate that our society is plagued with sexual predators ( :'( as well as ignorant hate spreading warmongers),BUT (just like the innocent ppl put behind bars each year) the law does catch a few of the good with the bad. Not even the law is perfect,but to judge a person without knowing the facts ( :'( which is something that so-called Christians/Jews/Baptists/Muslims/etc seem to do so well) is simply ignorant.


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