Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pennsylvania Woman Accused of Embezzling $1 Million

Joyce Hawkins

(West Chester, Pennsylvania) A 59-year-old former senior employee at ModSpace, Joyce Hawkins, has been accused of embezzling over $1,000,000 from her employer.

Hawkins faces counts of felony theft, forgery, and related charges.
ModSpace is global supplier of both permanent and temporary modular construction, with corporate headquarters in Berwyn and Chester County.

According to a police report, she set up accounts and order payments from ModSpace to other businesses including a nonprofit organization registered in her name “Caring Hearts, LLC”.[…]

An investigation revealed Hawkins used the money she was stealing to support her lifestyle. She bought a vacation home in the Chesapeake Bay area. She kept two boats at the vacation home, including a recently purchased $19,000 boat. In 2013, she received more than $200,000 in compensation from her employer. The money that she stole was in addition to her legitimate earnings.
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