Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Public Pays for Breast Augmentation

Gemini Smith (before and after implants)

(Northumbria, England)
Most women who decide on cosmetic surgery save up for years, take out a loan or even a second job. But for Gemini Smith, 23, from Cramlington, Northumbria, it was much easier – in fact all she had to do was sign up to MyFreeImplants.com, where users donated a dollar to her operation every time they sent her a message.
Miss Smith collected £4,450 (US $7445) to pay for her cosmetic surgery which increased her breast size from 34A to 34DD, all thanks to an American website MyFreeImplants.com where strangers donate for cosmetic surgery.


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slwlion1 said...

No worse than Obamacare.. His website should be myfreescrewjob.com


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