Thursday, May 08, 2014

 Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America


Bullying!  Bullying!  Bullying! Bullying is rampant in the United States according to Obama's Left and the popular media.  In reality, there has been no increase in bullying across America.  "In fact, by all available statistics, bullying is down across the board with young Americans demonstrating particular tolerance for those of different backgrounds."

The Left propagandizes that bullying has morphed into a "brilliant gambit:  they appropriated bullying to apply only to anything remotely conservative."  Shapiro identifies the Left's ability to unify all Americans against bullying and then to redefine bullying as anything the Conservatives oppose.  "A unified coalition against bullying becomes a unified coalition against Conservatism."  Shapiro's bullying list of the Left includes the Tea Party, religious people, global warming unbelievers, defense hawks, venture capitalists, fans of voter identification, traditional marriage, opponents of affirmative action, right-to-work advocates, supporters of Israel, and haters of Glee!

Ben Shapiro is a brilliant, caustically humorous writer who presents with clarity the current nuanced political situation.  His thesis is fresh and is one that the American public must quickly comprehend if Conservatives and America are to survive.  "The Obama embrace of the anti-bullying cause, and the subsequent linguistic trick of conflating anti-bullying with anticonservatism, is the single best bully tactic in the history of American politics." Shapiro's insight could be the key in alerting Conservatives to wake up and smell the Left's deception.  Conservatives have only been playing a bewildered defense up to this point. This is perhaps our last opportunity to play offensive politics and to save our Republic.

In Shapiro's political evolution, his meeting with Andrew Brietbart was pivotal.  He first met his future friend and mentor through his Conservative column in the UCLA Daily Bruin. Leftist-turned-Conservative activist, Breitbart hated the bullying of the Left and considered political correctness the ultimate form of bullying.  The Left's passion for bullying and its use of the propaganda manufactured by the "Democrat-Media Complex" and Left-based sources such as Soros-funded Media Matters bring constant pressure to silence their political opponents. Breitbart's exposure of these bullying tactics brought down upon him the extreme enmity of the Left, who actually celebrated his unfortunate and untimely death.

Shapiro states, "Conservatives have allowed liberals to win the culture war because we're generally civil people.  When the left says we're uncivil, we tend to shy away from the fight rather than, as Andrew put it, walking toward the fire."  Ben Shapiro is today the editor-at-large at

Shapiro believes that bullying requires power which the Left wields through the growth of government, the media, Hollywood, the education system, and the nonprofits.  "The right thinks individually; the left thinks institutionally."

The author covers the vast array of bullying engaged in by the Left.  He treats it all in a thorough, fresh, and scholarly fashion.  Shapiro covers with documentation, examples, and illustrations the following types of bullies:  Institutional Bullies, Anti-Patriotic Bullies, Race Bullies, Class Bullies, Sex Bullies, Green Bullies, and Secular Bullies.

"This is the world the left has bequeathed to us.  It is filled with lies; it says that truth is thuggish, and obfuscation of truth a required element of civility.  It says that moral clarity is nasty and uncouth, and moral relativism morally preferable.  It reverses bullies and victims, emboldening the world's true bullies in the process."

It is past time to expose the bullies and stand up to them. This is, indeed, an enjoyable, eye opening and provocative read.


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

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