Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Carolina Teacher Sentenced for Sex Crimes - Update

(Wilkesboro, North Carolina) Former West Wilkes High School English teacher Kimberly Waddell Macemore, 25, pleaded guilty yesterday to engaging in sex with two 17-year-old male students.

As a result, Macemore was given a suspended sentence and placed on supervised probation.
Ms. Macemore was also ordered to perform 72 hours of community service, register as a convicted sex offender for the next 30 years, receive a sexual offender psychological assessment and participate in any recommended treatment.

As part of a plea agreement, six counts of committing a sexual offense with a student at the same school were reduced to taking indecent liberties.
Reportedly, the sexual activity did not occur at school.

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Carolina Teacher Accused of Sex with 2 Male Students
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(Wilkesboro, North Carolina) A 24-year-old English teacher at West Wilkes High School, Kimberly Waddell Macemore, has been accused of engaging in sexual relations with two 17-year-old male West Wilkes students.

Macemore faces six felony counts of sexual offense with a student.
The sheriff’s department also charged Ms. Macemore with assisting a student in obtaining by fraudulent means a grade and four counts of giving alcohol to a person under age 21, all misdemeanor offenses.

Capt. Brandon Absher of the sheriff’s department said the charge involving a grade was filed after an investigation determined that Ms. Macemore wrote an English paper for a student, which was presented as the student’s own work and turned in for grading purposes.

Absher said the offenses involve the same two male students at West Wilkes, both 17 when they occurred.
Macemore was booked into custody at the Women’s Detention Center in North Wilkesboro and released on bond.

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