Saturday, May 17, 2014

Is conservative free speech banned in America?

Is there free speech left in America...if you're a conservative or Christian?

Isn't free speech protected by the U.S. Constitution? Can your views cost you your job, career or property?

Don’t look now but it’s happening. Views considered "too conservative" “old fashioned” or “politically incorrect” are no longer tolerated by Obama’s socialist cabal or the “thought police” (I know, I repeat myself).

Let me give you just a few examples of political correctness run amok. Interestingly, in each of these cases I disagree with the views expressed.

Let’s start with the case of openly gay football player Michael Sam. On Saturday he became the first gay player drafted into the NFL. I say congratulations. I’m happy for Sam. I was rooting for him. I actually thought he should have been drafted higher.

But have we traded one prejudice and civil rights violation for another? Many religious Americans were offended by Sam’s publically affectionate hand holding, hugging, and kissing with his boyfriend on national TV after his NFL draft selection.

If it’s called "progress" and a sign of "freedom" that two men can openly kiss on national TV, what is it called when someone offended by that same scene can be fined or suspended from their job? Is that progress? Is that free speech?

Ask Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones. He tweeted about how disgusted and offended he was by that kiss. Jones was immediately fined and barred from team activities until he finishes "training for his recent comments made on social media." Training? You mean like a “reeducation camp?”

I may disagree with Don Jones’ comments. They may have hurt Michael Sam’s feelings. They may have offended gay Americans. They may have been politically incorrect. But that’s not the point. Just because you disagree with someone’s opinion, does your employer have the right to suspend you from your job? Can that same employer demand “thought training” to get your job back? In America?


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

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slwlion1 said...

"progress", "freedom". Men kissing ? Spoken like a true son of Jolly ole England.. Or if you prefer, Australia or New Zealand..


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