Thursday, May 01, 2014

NJ High School Prank

Teaneck High School

(Teaneck, New Jersey)
Sixty-two students were arrested Thursday after police said they broke into their high school overnight for a senior class prank, urinating in hallways, greasing doorknobs with petroleum jelly and taping hot dogs to lockers.

Police said officers responding to a burglar alarm at Teaneck High School shortly after 2 a.m. also found desks flipped over, chairs broken, graffiti on the walls, silly string on the floors and balloons throughout the building.

Even before they went inside, police said, officers could see many students through the building's windows.

Police from more than a dozen neighboring towns plus county law enforcement officers were called in to help.

They used police dogs in their room-by-room roundup of students, some of whom were hiding.
Since when did rampant vandalism become classified as a prank?

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The Big Jub Jub said...

They don't need no social worker, they need a year in the "pen"...

Wireless.Phil said...

I told you in earlier posts they are out of control, brats that have no respect for others, property or anything else.


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