Friday, May 02, 2014

Supposed Relaxation Bear Bites and Scratches Students

(St. Louis, Missouri) A two-month-old bear cub named Boo Boo bit and scratched at least 18 students at Washington University. Along with other animals, the bear cub was presented to students to help them relax before final exams.

Testing by local, state and federal health officials determined that Boo Boo did not have rabies. So Boo Boo lives to bite and scratch future students.

I don't understand. I recall studying for finals and seeking every opportunity to get enough sleep. If someone presented a wild animal to me for relaxation, I probably would have said, "What's wrong with you? I need to bone up and get some sleep. Get that ugly nuisance away from me!"

By the way, it was only after 18 students had been bitten and scratched by the bear that the geniuses in charge decided to test for rabies. Nobody apparently thought to check for rabies before having the bear bite and scratch the students. Gosh, that's far from comforting. How relaxed is one when notified that he/she has been infected with rabies.

Of all the stupid ideas ever promoted by a college, the 'it bites and maybe it's rabid' wild animal stunt ranks in the top echelon.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Look at it, its normally with claws out, what did they expect.

Rememder, these people grew-up sitting behind computer screens for most of their lives and I doubt any of them ever set foot in a real woods.

I'm guessing that the bites were no more serious than a playful bite one would get from a puppy and I doubt any skin was even broken.

Maybe its just me, I grew up playing it the woods and fields, but if I saw a cub in the wild, I'd be getting out of there fast!

The Big Jub Jub said...

You are correct sir! Washington U. is a major center of Fuzzy Thinking.

Wireless.Phil said...

I read the article.
Thankfully they did not have to kill it to check its brain for rabies.

You would think that by now they would have a better test for it that killing the animal to check for it.

I guess killing scary looking animals is a cheaper way to do it.


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