Thursday, June 19, 2014

Chinese Tycoon Plans Free Lunch for Americans

Chen Guangbiao

(Hong Kong)
Eccentric Chinese tycoon Chen Guangbiao took out a full-page bilingual advertisement in the New York Times, inviting underprivileged Americans to a charity lunch and offering cash handouts.

According to Chinese media reports, the ad appeared in the New York Times print edition on Monday, announcing that Chen would host a charity luncheon at New York Central Park's Loeb Boathouse on June 25 for 1,000 "poor and destitute Americans". Each participant would also receive $300.
Poor and destitute Americans can join via Hotmail.


daniel conway said...

Do Poor and destitute Americans have access to Hotmail?

Doom said...

I was just going to comment on that Daniel. Actually, I think many of them do, though, which was my point. He is just advertising himself, or he would quietly set up self-sustaining food program for people who are actually starving to death. Not even sure that is a wise thing, as it merely keeps market forces from shaping things.

Yeah, I'm a horrible man. But at least I would toss them DDT, teach them how to make and market and work, and let them earn their way up and out, painful as that is. Feelings and perpetual poverty, or a short, sharp, pain and then a way forward. The only choices.

Wireless.Phil said...

Why not in his own country?
Sayimg free lunch in this country is a risk for roit when it runs out!


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