Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Florida Teacher Accused of Sending Nude Pix to Boy

(Largo, Florida) A 45-year-old fourth-grade teacher at Fuguitt Elementary School, Lesley R. Brown, has been accused of sending nude photos of herself to a 17-year -old boy.

A police investigation commenced after Brown and the boy were observed spending time in a unisex restroom behind a locked door. Brown faces counts of transmission of material harmful to minors.
When questioned, both Brown and the boy were adamant in telling police that nothing happened in the restroom, but that they had locked the door because they heard voices and didn’t want it to appear as if something was going on, police said. Brown also told police she goes to the gym three times a week and the boy was her workout partner and spotter, police said.

Brown was issued a trespass warning at the gym and the boy’s mother was called to pick him up.

Later that evening, police obtained nude images of Brown found on the boy’s cell phone, along with lewd texts, police said.
They locked the door so as to appear that nothing was going on! Huh?

Brown was booked into custody at the Pinellas County Jail and later released on $10,000 bond.

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