Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Leftist projection never stops

They have been blaming the socialist Hitler on "The Right" for decades so it is no surprise that the Left have a kneejerk tendency to blame aggrieved mass shooters similarly, even though such shooters usually turn out to be from the Left. The latest notorious shooters are no different. The Las Vegas Cop Killers, Jerad and Amanda Miller were referred to by "Salon" as "Right-wing anger turned deadly". They were in fact members of the Far Left "Occupy" Movement. Conservatives tend to be contented people. It is the Left who are full of anger

We have been bombarded with the Millers' connection to the Bundy Ranch, Alex Jones and the liberty movement in general. The liberty movement is massive and it does not emcompass only the right-wing. But we were led to believe that the Millers were Tea Party-loving right-wing extremists. That is what the media wants America to believe.

. it will come as no surprise to our readers that the Millers were involved in the "Occupy Movement." Again, the liberty movement is massive but the Occupy Protests tend to be attributed to the left. Bundy Ranch tends to be associated with the right. They are both cases of civil disobedience but obviously the media wants to paint a picture of the Millers as being people who voted for Romney rather than Obama. This is how the media constantly pushes the agenda of the left. Nearly every news publication in America printed something about the associations of the Millers, but very few printed this:

According to CBS Chicago:

While living in Lafayette, Jerad and his wife Amanda took part in last November's "Million Mask March" - a gathering of protesters from the Occupy movement, anarchists, and hacktivists.

Nick Wertz, one of the organizers of the Lafayette march, said it attracted many people upset over a lot of issues.  "Everyone there just seem kind of like normal people. At least they were going to stick up with what they thought was right," he said.

Wertz said he didn't really know the Millers, but weeks after the march, Amanda Miller contacted him. "She was moving to Vegas for whatever reason and they had a dog they couldn't take with - and I was like, `If I can help,'" Wertz said.  But that was the end of it, he said.

The Millers were not alone.  Several #Occupy members were arrested for assault, robbery, vandalism, rape and murder.


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

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Doom said...

I disagree that conservatives are simply happy people. I think there are two main reasons conservatives, even us grumpy ones, don't turn to violence. The first is, we seek resolution through work, efforts, relationships, and as much sanity as we can get. In my view, life isn't sane, or fair, or nice, but it isn't all that bad. Second, as a conservative, one who is quite frustrated with the world and my government, I realize there is little I can do to correct the world. I might be able to slice off a little piece of life, and make it as good, and right, as I see fit. But I can't do a thing for you, unless your house burns down, you get flooded out, or some other disaster leaves you in a quandary. I might be able to save your life, in a few choice situations, too. But I can't make you, your neighborhood, your state, the nation, or the world better, other than trying to be an example using the first part.

Liberals believe they can make the world better. And they are wrong. I don't know if they choose for the rest of us to be improved in fantasy to cover for their own lost state of mind and soul, but it is something like that. They can't save themselves, so they will save us... if it kills us. Even, I think, for some of them knowingly (and all of them if they thought it through), even if it kills them. All or nothing.

Well, that, and they believe there is a system that works of flesh only. Liberalism could be summed up by the movie Pi (but the symbol, not spelled that way).


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