Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sex on Transmission Tower

(Arendal, Norway) A young couple reportedly decided to copulate on top of a radio transmission tower which attracted attention.
It was a neighbor who called and notified that a couple had climbed the radio tower center of Arendal, and that they where having sex.

Operations Ingrid Mæhre College police said the woman and her husband who are both in their 20s, practiced safe sex in the sense that they had secured with ropes or similar under the Act.

The couple came down voluntarily when police asked them about it. They will both be prosecuted for violation of Penal Code Section 350 goes on to disturb public peace and order by improper conduct.
The story is translated from Norwegian.

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Doom said...

I won't say I approve. I might imply that if I was younger and married... Maybe not, but there... is a whim to it. Certainly something to not tell your grandchildren (but hope to live long enough to see them old enough to have *cough* someone else tell them, innit?).


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