Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Texas Gun Store Targeted

(Katy, Texas) Local gun store Tactical Firearms seeks help from the public in addressing a politically-motivated problem.
Tactical Firearms has prided itself in being honest with our customers from our first day in business. That’s why we are alerting you today to a situation that we believe to be unjust and punitive against Tactical Firearms, and this is a situation that threatens to put us out of business on July 1, 2014.

Tactical Firearms has just been given notice that our loan with Icon bank has been called in. Not because of no payment, as we have never been late or missed a payment, but because the board of directors has chosen to not renew the loan. Deciding to call a loan which has a perfect payment record and is profitable to the bank is almost unheard of in the banking industry.

This is why we believe Tactical Firearms is being specifically targeted with punitive actions in an effort to put us out of business.

. . . At the same time, the bank’s excuse to us for calling in the loan is because the “government does not support loans to the gun, alcohol, or hotel industries” and the banks get heavily audited. This is an extension of the Obama administration’s backdoor efforts to bankrupt the firearms industry and all its supporting retailers and firing ranges.
Backdoor efforts? Pretty sneaky, eh?


Doom said...

True, Zero again. But banks are willing co-conspirators. The wealthier set doesn't believe we should have guns. They know they will still be able to have them, or believe that, if they wish. But they are starting to fear the little people.

I'm not exactly sure what the fear is about. The funny thing is, their fear is on the wrong side of events. But they have been indoctrinated through academia to fear people, and not governments, in spite of that being historically opposite of the truth. Which... is what indoctrination does, and why it is used, though... so...

Wireless.Phil said...

Open Letter to Ares Armor Customers Whose Private Info Was Stolen by ATF

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