Thursday, July 03, 2014

Banning Bikinis

(Goa, India)
A minister in the Indian state of Goa has warned women against wearing bikinis on beaches or visiting bars wearing short skirts, saying it is against Indian culture.

Sudin Dhavalikar, Goa's public works department minister, linked bikinis to sexual crimes and called for a ban.

"We should not allow girls with bikinis to enter public places because it is very difficult to control people who arrive in Goa from different states. By the time the victim reaches the police it is too late. It is better to control such type of activities on the beaches," he said.

Dhavalikar also said women should not visit bars in short skirts.
Frankly, I'm scratching Goa from my list of potential vacation destinations.

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Doom said...

Yeah, well... With millions of men who have no chance at marriage, and more born every day and to a greater and greater sex imbalance, they are going to have to choose survival over their and your visual pleasure, and the whims of women.

My guess is, in a generation or less, women won't be able to leave their homes. They'll become a commodity, more than they already are, and a well guarded ones. Same with China. There aren't enough 3rd world women to satisfy that sort of sex imbalance black hole. Actually, first world countries may need to do the same because of large thefts of girls and women. Our women are preferred, so long as violence can be used to shut them up and create compliance. And, yeah, it works. Or so they say.

With Christianity losing access to power, and morality being thrown out with it, pagan type systems will become the norm. The experiment is over, most just doesn't know it... yet. Much as some planes, when the engines fail, can glide down to where they will wreck. Perhaps only the pilots, and perhaps stewardesses even know. Well, and those who bother to look out the window.


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