Saturday, July 19, 2014

Caption Unnecessary



Wireless.Phil said...

I wonder now about the$50 Million grant(s) Cleveland is getting for security and cameras damn near everywhere, are the radios radio-controlled, does the camera's videos get transmited my Motorola transmitters to the security sites for the upcoming Republican National Convention?

Most of what I've read, these new digital two-way radios are expensive pieces of junk that keep cities in a constant and expensive loop of fixes and upgrades.

If I heard the news correctly, the city of Cleveland grant is around $50 Million plus.

The reason I ask, and notified local media you can find below:

Congress Questions Fed Grants to Motorola

on JULY 17, 2014

A series of critical news stories about Motorola’s sales techniques for public safety radio systems has caught the eye of the U.S. Congress, which has officially asked for answers about how federal grant money has been awarded to the company. Reporters from the McClatchy news group have been documenting how Motorola gains millions of dollars in contracts through the use of proprietary electronics that locks out competitors’ bids, close relationships with government officials, and add-on sales that circumvent competitive bidding requirements.

Doom said...

I don't know. I still have some doubts about Orwell. Sure, he painted the picture, but was it the picture he wanted, knew would happen because of what else he supported, or was it a warning or roadmap. He was a progressive.

I have doubts about most churches, because most believe more in humans than in God. Even my church, with a secular pope from a secular branch of the church. The faith is right, the leadership is Godless. Which is fine, for a social club.

As to captions?

You are welcome!

Look mom, no God!


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