Friday, July 04, 2014

Colorado Firearms Open Carry

Waitresses With Sidearms

(Rifle, Colorado)
Many stores and restaurants are telling people not to bring their guns inside, but one western Colorado restaurant not only embraces the practice of packing heat, it encourages its customers to carry openly — and its waitresses do, too.

As she takes your order at Shooters Grill in the town of Rifle — yes, Rifle — waitress Ashlee Saenz carries a pad, pen and a Ruger .357 Blackhawk revolver holstered on her leg, Old West style.

It’s loaded, and she knows how to use it.

Colorado is among the states where openly carrying a gun in public is legal. The issue has made headlines after gun rights activists carrying loaded rifles gathered in Target stores in Texas, Alabama and North Carolina to demonstrate their support of open carry laws. On Wednesday, Target Corp. asked its customers respectfully to not bring firearms into stores, even where allowed by law.

But in Rifle, Saenz, her co-workers and her customers at Shooters Grill are encouraged to bring their holstered guns in the restaurant, The Glenwood Springs Post Independent reports.
The restaurant also provides firearms training for $75, dinner included.


Wireless.Phil said...

I'd be worried some stupid kid would try to grabe it, unless it is an adult only place.

I'm not there, so I don't know how they deal with that possibility?

I wish that one our Ohio papers would run this story since Ohio is an open carry state.
They may be afraid too.

Tez said...

Who wants to see sidearms -- much better if they showed us their bazookas !!!!


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