Friday, July 18, 2014

IDF Enters Gaza Strip

(Gaza Strip)
As the IDF ground operation in Gaza moved forward and Operation Protective Edge entered into its 12th day, the IDF confirmed late Friday night that 260 targets have been attacked in Gaza since the beginning of the ground incursion exactly one day before.

These targets have included weapons stockpiles, rocket launchers, smuggling tunnels, the homes of terrorist commanders and more. Exactly 21 militants from the Hamas and Islamic Jihad organization have been arrested in the Strip and taken in for interrogation by security forces and the Shin Bet. Dozens more have been killed in skirmishes with IDF soldiers.

As night fell Friday, reports filtered in of Israeli troops clashing with Palestinian militants in the area of Beit Lahiya in the northern Strip.

Flares lit up the night skies over Gaza and heavy artillery fire boomed, as the IAF continued its bombing campaign. The IDF is conducting a series of pinpoint actions to destroy tunnels designed for use by terrorists to strike Israel from Gaza, and track down the terrorists themselves.
As of this morning, a total of 21 smuggling tunnels have been uncovered.

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