Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Intim Fest

Intim Fest participants listen to a lecture

(Kiev, Ukraine)
Kyiv's Truchaniv Island welcomed a very unusual festival on July 19 - 20. “Intim Fest”, the First international festival of sexology and relationships, offered some sixty master-classes just in two days.[…]

Some master classes were quite modest, talking about recipes for success and explaining general family psychology and looking more like commercial promos for some expensive sex schools, others dealt with spicier matters.

The master class which revealed the secrets of a female orgasm turned out to be the most popular.
It seems odd that a festival of sexology would be held at the same time that the country of Ukraine is under attack by the Russians. Ukraine has been characterized as a war zone.

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Doom said...

All of those nations are bleeding out through death rates versus birth rates faster than most in the West imagine. Pagan rites aren't going to help them, though. To have children there must be families, and families require specific glues and some certainty. Things that have been destroyed there, even more than they have been in the West, and never sought again.

It doesn't matter if a man can make a woman orgasm. She isn't going to bear young knowing the child will be starving most of it's life, and that she, alone, will be facing all costs. Government handouts aren't enough, in more ways than one. Actually, teaching men to make women orgasm will, more likely than not, teach women not to have children. Ass backwards, all of it.

As to a war zone, only some parts. Civilians aren't really the target, unless they are Jewish to a degree. If even that may have been stepped back, or the Jews have fled or found safer places? Besides, what else can civilians do but go on about their lives. Not an indictment, per se, save of their imminent doom in a demographic scorekeeping way.


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