Monday, July 07, 2014

Miss Moscow 2014

Irina Alexeyeva

(Moscow, Russia)
Irina Alexeyeva won the 2014 Miss Moscow pageant on Wednesday, people beheld her - and found her wanting.

Overwhelmingly negative opinions on the 18-year-old's looks spread quickly on the web.
Many people were disappointed with the selection of Irina Alexeyeva.


Wireless.Phil said...

Are you kidding me?
That upclose face shot should never been published.
Even if I were drunk, one look at that and I'd move to another seat or another bar.

what the hell was wrong with those judges?
That broad looks will past her prime and a hell of a lot older than they or she claims.

wait, don't tell me.
She is a man!

JR said...

She is a lot less fair than one expects of a Russian

Tez said...

I don't know. Phil - I wouldn't crawl over her to get to you !!!!!

Wireless.Phil said...

Tez, I would hope not!


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