Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wisconsin Prison Staffer Gets Probation for Inmate Sex

(Racine, Wisconsin) Last month, 41-year-old correctional worker, Karina Herrera, pleaded guilty to second-degree sexual assault on a Racine Correctional Institution inmate.

As a result, Herrera was sentenced to 18 months probation.
"This is not a confinement case, bottom line," Racine County Circuit Court Judge Charles Constantine said. "Ms. Herrera knew better. She knew what her position was and she abused it. ... It is a probation case."

Herrera and former co-worker Lisa M. Hawkins, 33, are accused of smuggling a cellphone in to the inmate and performing sex acts on him in a bathroom at Racine Correctional Institution, according to their criminal complaints.

Police allegedly found videos of the sexual contact on the inmate’s cellphone in the prison, at 2019 Wisconsin St., in Sturtevant. Investigators reported finding cellphone memory cards, a phone charger, a lock of hair and four photos of a naked Herrera in the man's cell, according to the complaints.
Prosecutors were displeased with the court's determination.

Former co-worker Lisa M. Hawkins faces court next month.


Doom said...

I do wonder if judges are easy to get to. A judge can make crucial rulings on large or small matters, and redirect things, pretty much at a whim. A little dirt on him, easing the way for himself or his kin... Toss in that law school doesn't consider the constitution at all, or the bible, and... It's all relative. Do they even offer an ethics course? Are their any teeth in maintaining rule of law at this time?

She walked because of either sympathy for the devil, or collusion with him. It's everywhere and gaining, among the elite classes. It will cost them everything, sooner or later. Not today, and that is good enough for them.

Wireless.Phil said...

Here are the two female photos, Lisas mother must hae matted with a turttle.


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