Monday, August 18, 2014

Australia: Bikini babe covered up at the Brisbane agricultural show

The image of a woman in a skimpy bikini painted on an Ekka [Exhibition] ride was covered up after the Queensland director of the Australian Christian Lobby slammed it as inappropriate for children.

The mural image was featured on the Rip Tide attraction located in the children’s rides section of the showgrounds, off St Paul’s Terrace.

The ACL’s Wendy Francis started a petition on Saturday after being alerted to the image of a busty blonde woman with only thin strips of pink fabric covering her nipples.  “If this image was in an adult workplace it would be deemed as sexual harassment and removed,” Ms Francis wrote on the petition.

“Our children's innocence should not be compromised by attending the Brisbane Ekka - one of the highlights of the year for many families. Sexual imagery is inappropriate here.  “Please have these images removed and keep the Ekka as a family friendly place to go.”

RNA chief executive Brendan Christou said officials were made aware of the image on Saturday night and had it covered overnight.

“This was an unfortunate and isolated oversight, which we swiftly moved to have resolved,” Mr Christou said.  “The RNA appreciates and shares all the concerns raised and is sorry for any offence this image may have caused.”

Ms Francis is a dedicated campaigner for PG-only images in outdoor advertising, with billboards for erectile dysfunction products one of her better known targets.


Ms Francis should see the fantasy women in the computer games most kids play

Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).


Doom said...

I used to, even to somewhat recently, thought what this woman is doing was quaint. And perhaps it really is. But after looking around the world a few times... quaint isn't all bad. I just hope it isn't phony. I mean, if she is one of the pedophile teachers, or such...

I guess, if parents want, they can buy their sons, daughters too, the raunchiest porn available. That doesn't mean what one parent chooses to do should be the bar by which parenting is lowered. Besides, most of those games are aimed at adult juveniles. Guys, in their 30's, single, with little hope of finding a wife, playing games in their moms' basements, and living there.

Wireless.Phil said...

And she isn't worried about the children sitting on the roof above the painted woman?

Doom said...

Hmm? Those kids are on a ride. They are so secure they can't *cough* fall out, even with a little help.


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