Thursday, January 29, 2015

Idaho Woman Convicted of Child Sex Charges - Updated

Makinzie Sarah Frost

(Rupert, Idaho)
Makinzie Sarah Frost, 21, of Heyburn was sentenced Monday in Minidoka County District Court on counts of injury to a child and possession of methamphetamine.

But whether Frost will serve her seven-year sentence in prison or on probation depends on if she successfully completes the state's rider program, court records show.
So be it.

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Idaho Woman Accused of Child Sex Charges
[Previous 8/7/14 post]
(Heyburn, Idaho) A 21-year-old local woman, Makinzie Sarah Frost, has been accused of child sex charges for allegedly forcing a 5-year-old into sex.

Frost faces two felony counts of lewd conduct with a child under 16.
The child said Frost would force him to have sexual contact with her before she would allow him to go outside and play.

According to court records, the male child said Frost had sexual contact with him multiple times a day at three different locations, two locations in Heyburn and one in Burley, between July 1, 2012 and Aug 5, 2012.
Frost was booked into custody at the Mini-Cassia Criminal Justice Center with bond set at $25,000.


Wireless.Phil said...

A 5 year old?
What the f' is the matter with that woman!

With that complexion, I was going to say either Meth or crack.

Wireless.Phil said...

Didn’t want to write you directly.
Today's news, just to get into the Super Bowl now cost US$8,000. Standing room only!

Wireless.Phil said...
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Wireless.Phil said...
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