Thursday, August 07, 2014

Indiana Mother Throws Away Her Baby

Briana Holland

(Indianapolis, Indiana) A 22-year-old local woman, Briana Holland, has been accused of throwing her newborn baby into a trash can.
According to court documents," the lower half of the baby's body was wrapped in a brown paper bag and the head was wrapped in a separate paper sack. Toilet tissue was wrapped approximately 15 times around his neck and a tampon applicator and tissue were stuffed in the baby's mouth."

The worker who found the child said the baby's face was purple and its body was cold. The baby was gasping for air and suddenly stopped. The worker slapped the baby on its bottom before it began to cry, NewsChannel5 sister station, RTV6's Derrik Thomas reported.

Prosecutor Kristina Korobov praised the worker's life-saving efforts, but declined to address formal charges.
Details on the case not reported. The baby survived.

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Wireless.Phil said...

The way it started to sound, I thought she cut the baby in half.


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