Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Oklahoma Teacher Rape Case Dismissed - Update

(Tipton, Oklahoma) Former Tipton teacher Laura Cowan's student sex case has been dismissed.
Online court records confirm Laura Cowan's case has been dismissed in Tillman County District Court. That's after witnesses did not show up for a hearing.

Tipton police say Cowan told them she had sex with one student once in her classroom and again in her car in the country outside of Tipton during spring break.

In January, she says she had sex with another student in a Frederick motel and again in her car.
No reason was reported for the dismissal.

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Oklahoma Teacher Accused of Raping 2 Students
[Previous 8/5/14 post]
(Tillman County, Oklahoma) A former Tipton Public Schools teacher, Laura Cowan, has been accused of engaging in sex with two students.

Cowan has been charged with three counts of rape.
The affidavit prepared on July 21, and filed on July 23 in the Tillman County District Court, documents an interview that Tipton Police had with Cowan. “The document states that she admitted having sex in her classroom with a high school student (name withheld).” The affidavit further states, “Cowan also described having sex with (the same student) in her car, in the country outside of Tipton, during spring break 2014.”[…]

Affidavit which further states that Cowan also admitted to having sex with another un-named high school student in January 2014, in a Frederick motel and in her car outside Tipton. OSBI agent Sadler further documented, “Both students verified that they did have sex with Cowan when they were students at Tipton High School.”
Cowan was booked into custody then released on $150,000 bail.

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