Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pope Francis Says Use Force Against ISIS in Iraq

Pope Francis I

(Vatican City)
Pope Francis on Monday endorsed the use of force to stop Islamic militants from attacking religious minorities in Iraq but said the international community — and not just one country — should decide how to intervene.
Arguably, the Pope's action could be considered the path to a 21st Century Crusade.


Doom said...

A socialist clergyman and a muslim politician walk into a bar, and... We'll see.

However, if the Pope thinks this is vital, he needs to do his part. The church has many resources, some of which could be brought to bear. Perhaps, just maybe, in actually being a part of the wholeness of the world through economic, military, political, and social realities, and a few other things, he may learn something he seems to not have learned, or ignored. Socialism is as evil as isis. There is... always hope.

I'm not sure America, if for the wrong reasons, currently, will or even can help. Nor, as I see things, perhaps, should we. Until Europe has bled enough, and actually first chosen which side of things it really wants to be on, and then sacrificed coin and blood enough to catch up with our sacrifices, I don't think we should help.

They have destroyed their military for peace dividends, which they squandered supporting the very types we are at war with, and infantalizing their peasants. The row they need to hoe just to become defensible is incredible. But we have done our part, to no thanks, politically, economically, or socially, from them. Their turn.

Wireless.Phil said...

We're going in, we just don't know it yet.
our surveillance flights will be shot at and we'll shoot back.

Doom said...

Yep, I figured we would. Just lipping off, Phil. This idiot will do whatever he is told, regardless of readiness or incentive, and he isn't good at what he does, while his advisers are worse. The political upper military command is only good at killing US citizens, it was chosen for that. It doesn't know how to win a war against actual enemies. Wall Street needs another war, it believes, to maintain the last few seemingly maintainable bubbles. So, it will happen.

As for the Pope, he should put his resources into the game or stay out of the game. My guess is, putting resources into a game where Zero is trying to play chief war maker in chief is not a wise plan. A pickled enigma, I suppose.


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