Wednesday, August 13, 2014

TV Ads in Mexico

(Mexico City)
Mexico is restricting television advertising for high-calorie food and soft drinks, as part of its campaign against obesity, the government says.

Such ads will be banned with immediate effect on terrestrial and cable TV between 14:30 and 19:30 on weekdays and between 07:30 and 19:30 at weekends.

Restrictions will also be imposed on similar ads shown at the cinema.

Seventy percent of adults and 30% of children in Mexico are obese or overweight, official figures suggest.
It appears that Mexico is not restricting ads for specific brands, instead just foods and drinks thought to make people chunky are targeted.

If Mexicans are getting plenty to eat, one could say that the many who sneak into the US are not starving masses. Interesting, eh?


Doom said...

Wait until they are honest about what is making people fat. Then again, personally, I think that is their plan. Not sure honesty is available, and really hasn't been for decades. All information is propaganda of one sort or another today, from the government, in the media, even from most churches, certainly in academia. The truth might be available, but it receives no support, save occasionally by accident. Someone, literally, didn't get the memo.

Doom said...

As to the invasion force, I doubt many of them are actually Mexican, and those who are from Mexico are among the very poorest. The ones who are getting fat on the socialist teet aren't going to leave. Less so as they see America being turned into a similar socialist hellhole, like where they already live, while the "natives" become increasingly hostile about it. Grass has to be a lot greener for cattle to head that way. It's not, and getting worse. And it has to be as safe, and easy. And that is getting much worse.


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