Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Two-Headed Dolphin

(Izmir, Turkey)
A two-headed dolphin has been discovered on a Turkish beach after washing up onto the shore near Izmir on Monday.

Educator Tugrul Metin, 39, was walking along the western town’s sands when he spotted the dead mammal.

Just 3.2-feet in length, the 1-year-old calf had two heads but then appeared to merge down to share one tail.
According to a marine biologist, conjoined dolphins is rare.


Doom said...

Rare to our knowledge. Actually, to our knowledge of most times, viruses and germs didn't exist. Science, when it had advanced enough to say, said ill spirits. Which, as doctors, they promptly bled out. Never mind.

As for a two headed sea creature finding it's way to shore, I am not sure how it could be otherwise. Two minds is not always in one's own best interest. Think about it, then disagree with yourself, now get emotional about it all. See?

Wireless.Phil said...

That two headed girl in her late teens or early 20s is still alive, but seeinb them on TV, you could tell one head rules over the other.


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