Saturday, September 20, 2014

Baby Born Without Blood

(County Waterford, Ireland)
A mother has spoken of her fear that her daughter would never make it past the first few days of her life – after she was born without a droplet of blood in her body.

Emma Vignes, 31, absorbed all of her daughter’s Maisy’s blood during pregnancy in what is believed to be a medical first, leaving the baby – born six weeks premature – needing three blood transfusions during two weeks in intensive care.

And as Maisy, now four, enjoys her first few weeks at primary school, Emma has said it could have been very different.
Reportedly, Maisy had only a "thin, plasma substance" in her veins when born.

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Wireless.Phil said...

I have to question this.
If there was no blood, how could they tell the babies blood type to give her a transfusion?

Also, without blood, wouldn't there be brain damage from the lack of oxygen?

I would think other organs would also suffer damage from lack of oxygen?


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