Sunday, September 07, 2014

Drew Carey Offers Reward for Knowledge of Pranksters

(Bay Village, Ohio)
Actor and comedian Drew Carey offered to help Bay Village police find the perpetrators behind a prank played on an autistic teenager.

Via Twitter, Carey said that if the police want to start a reward fund to find the people who organized the prank, he would donate $10,000 to it.

Carey, a Cleveland native, followed up by saying if police found the pranksters without a reward, he would donate to Autism Speaks.
Awful nice of Mr. Carey, eh?


Wireless.Phil said...

There WAS a video showing the bucket of crap and piss being dumped on him, but its been pulled.

Wireless.Phil said...

Assault on disabled is serious!

Wireless.Phil said...

Yes, her!
She should be on her honnymoon with the jerk that married her, but no. Any chance to get her name in the news!

Drew Carey's offer for reward fund on ice bucket prank gets $10,000 boost from Jenny McCarthy


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