Thursday, September 04, 2014

Harley-Davidson Electric Motorcycle

(Kansas City, Missouri) Harley-Davidson is reportedly adding an electric motorcycle to its line.
The bike, for now called Project LiveWire, runs completely off a electric battery with a combined city/highway range of 55 miles which even though it’s intended for urban use would still likely need to be extended if it every went into production . No date has been set for a decision on production.

Harley-Davidson is trying to attract more younger adults to help replace an aging customer base for its traditional motorcycles.
So, the attention-getting roar of Harley Hogs is going to be replaced with a muted electric motor whine which goes silent after 55 miles.


Tez said...

No comment- nothing to say!!!

Doom said...

I think it is less than muted. Some other bike maker made bikes, bought for police... here in Utah I think. Used to patrol parks, so they did want the noise eliminated. The problem? They are so quiet, and fast enough, that they are considered a danger. Now they want to spend even more money figuring out how to create enough sound so as to eliminate accidents. Bleh.

At 55 miles, that would just get me to town and back. If that is true. Assuming a lot of things beside that. One trip to one, maybe two stores, if I did it right? Nah. Oh, and in extreme cold and heat, they get less distance... both are common here. I guess I'd rather have an old Harley. Heavier to push, but looks better when you can ride it. And, I am thinking, even the cheesiest Harley gas engine will beat that for distance.

I'm sure a bunch of rich old guys will buy one, for their collection. *cough* Leno *cough*

Wireless.Phil said...

Baseball cards in the wheel spokes?

Wireless.Phil said...

Joking aside.
I thought I read awhile ago that the havean electric powered addon to generate noise, but it ddidn't say what kind of noise?

So it could be anything at this point?
How about the sound of the neighborhood ice cream truck?


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