Friday, September 12, 2014

Saving 'Sensitive and Intelligent' Lobsters

(Cambridge, Massachusetts) Outside a local restaurant, 15 lobster rights protesters gathered for a silent vigil last Saturday to protest the boiling of live lobsters.
Edmund Maile, of Animal Rights Cambridge and the United Shellfish Front, said: "One protester was arrested early on for blowing a whistle. She was released from custody around 4am the next morning with no charge.

"Lobsters are sensitive and intelligent creatures who are persecuted in ways which would be deemed unacceptable in other species, and this campaign, through appealing to the conscience of restauranteurs and members of the public, is designed to challenge this injustice."
I can't tell the difference between sensitive and intelligent lobsters vs. insensitive and dumb lobsters.


Doom said...

It's easy to tell them apart. Taste. I love me some sensitive intelligent lobsters. Only so-so on the others.

Wireless.Phil said...

They used to say "put them incold water and slowly raise the temperature and they will go to sleep, then die and be cooked.

But hell, our Red Lobster restaurants use to BROIL them alive.

My only complaint is eating crawfish.
As kids, they were just bugs we played with.

Wireless.Phil said...

So, what's next?
Cows, pigs, chickens, duckd, lambs, where will it end?

Do any of those "PAID" homeless people know why they really are there?

Set a cooked lobster down in frint of them, and see how long it lasts.

If they want us to eat just vegetables, I have some good information for them.

It was proven years ago that vegetables feel pain when attacked (picked, cut, etc.)

Also, ts been proven that plants, vegetables included, can and do communicate, send messages back and forth and emit certain toxins to keep other plants away.

So now it comes down to bugs.
A bee is abug, it makes hiney that it stores in a cone that it makes, therefore bees are intelligent and we steal their food.

Other bugs build nest, that takes some form of intelligence, can't eat them now.
Damn, I guess we'll all starve to death!

Doom said...


Thankfully, anyone who actually does this stuff is a vast minority. More, many of them are social losers who can't find, or make, a legitimate place in the world. I almost feel sorry for them.

As for those true believers, I feel sadder for them. The guilt of being alive must be huge. Then again, it's partly because we live in a nation of such excess that some people can have to time to feel bad about the reasons they exist... the consumption of other life. There is no other way. We are, like all forms of life, dependent on other lives. Plants get their nutrients from the dirt, which gets it from decaying life forms. Blood for breath. Think about that, too, when you listen to anti-war crowds. They don't, or won't, understand.


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